Read/ Write Smarter

I made a suggestion to Google last evening regarding composing of emails.

One the one hand, people, especially while marketing something, tend to put a lot of text material when sending emails to prospective or existing clients.

And on the other hand, people’s attention spans have become shorter. Which means, most of us have lesser and lesser time and patience to read through any written matter. And since most of what we read is online, I felt there is a way of changing something.

My suggestion was that emails could be composed such that matter, if put in   bullet-ed format, could then be grouped [remember the ‘Group’ option available in Microsoft Excel]. That way, the recipient of the email can quickly get a gist of the content, and could then expand any or all section if they want more details.

This would be better than overloading the reader with an endless sea of paragraphs of seemingly boring content that would more often than not, go unread.

Google Mail #1

Google Mail #2

I made the suggestion to Google first, considering the extent to which their email is used. But going forward, this could also be employed by other email service providers as well as by websites too, where news or any web articles are posted. Main points or key news headlines could be listed out, with  details kept hidden by a [+] sign, so that interested readers could expand and read more.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any better suggestions too.

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